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NRI Success Stories for AB and Passport - Anticipatory Bail and cancellation of passport impounding
(1) Can an nri be deported for false 498a/dv/maintenance cases filed by nris wife on nri husband
(2) Nri arrested at ahmedabad airport as loc got issued i.e., look out circular
(3) Domestic violence on nri husband bu the nri had fled to india so Divorce laws in UK and USA may grant divorce to the nris wife abroad
(4) foreign divorce decree is acceptable in indian courts with conditions listed related to 498a IPC
(5) NRI facing false DV case and also some false 498a/406/506 and a false 323 IPC cases
(6) Domestic Violence case is also filed against NRI husband
(7) and something which is not true out of anger filed by nri wife is invalid in court of law
(8) false 498a is abuse of law but if considered valid proof can be against nri husband
(9) nri wife and NRI share a bank locker in India which his wife got freezed in nri husbands absence

Please note that:-
Indian Government has not started any men cell for NRI or man cell for NRI's, Non-Resident Indians/ Foreign Citizenship holder Indians/ PIO's or Non-Immigrant Worker (H1B Visa), but, if you are a man (or boy) whose wife (or girlfriend or neighbour lady or foreigner) has filed false FIR against you in India or abroad and you have unrebuttable evidences and documents proving her false FIR or police complaint {or her false court cases) then you need to put that girl/ lady/ wife behind the bars legally and technically using right judgments of Supreme Court. 
Like you came to know about NRI Success Stories for AB and Passport - Anticipatory Bail and cancellation of passport impounding relating to false FIR u/s 498a allegement by wife (or false FIR by someone else), similarly, you must know & understand NRI passport renewal with existing false 498a, domestic violence DVC and maintenance 125crpc cases 

NOTE:- If false FIR has been filed by your wife OR BY SOMEONE ELSE u/s 307 IPC (Attempt to Murder), 313 IPC (Female Foeticide), 377 IPC (unnatural sex) or 376 IPC (false rape charges) or 354 IPC or POCSO (false claim by minor or inducement of a minor to file false complaint against you or your closed ones). If your wife (or someone else) has filed FIR against all your relatives making all of them an accused u/s IPC as above. Then, you need to understand "How to close a false FIR/ false CAW Cell Complaint or false DV/ 125 CrPC and relevant steps i.e., NRI Success Stories for AB and Passport - Anticipatory Bail and cancellation of passport impounding" because it is pertinent to close false FIR otherwise it may ruin the career of all the accused. The matter needs to be closed in "Mini Trial" or "Speedy Trial" but out of these two strategies, the strategy of Mini Trial is the best as per the best of our knowledge and this strategy (Mini Trial) is only for those who do not want to go into litigations despite having ample proofs/ evidences proving  falsity of wife's (or girlfriend's or neighborhood lady's) false FIR claims related to any false state case i.e., First Information Report filed against a NRI (non-resident Indian).

अगर आपकी पत्नी (or any woman/ girl) आपको परेशान करती है या आप के ऊपर झूठी Police Complaint या FIR करती है या आप की पत्नी आप के खिलाफ झूठा Court Case या झूठा MAINTENANCE का Court Case करती है तो कृपया कर के पर सम्पर्क करें


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झूठी WIFE को जेल भेजो !!!                              Email:- NRI Success Stories for AB and Passport - Anticipatory Bail and ca...